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#SayHello to Copenhagen

A city which prides itself in maintaining the well-being of its citizens as the top priority. Where you can take a swim in the canals because the water is just so clean. Where Happiness is a priority. Hygge is an everyday part of life.

Hygge (pronounced 'hyoo-ga') "A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)"

That is Copenhagen. It is the vibrant capital city of Denmark - the Happiest Country in the World. My stay in Copenhagen, 5 full days, was not "short" in comparison to any tourist's itinerary. But it was, so far, the least amount of time that I have spent exploring any new place of my choice. I picked out places based on my interest, and ended up skipping many tourist points which are commonly recommended (like the Palaces and the Little Mermaid).

Here are my top 3 experiences in Copenhagen!

The Walking Tour of Christianhavn

Walking through Christianhavn © Nishita Mohta

My time in Copenhagen got off to a great start with a guided walking tour of the Christianhavn neighbourhood. While walking tours take you through specific areas at a time, they inevitably give you a sense of the entire city - through stories and landmarks. An enthusiastic guide will always share their personal insight, in addition to all the local information. They are also the best people to clarify your doubts about anything and everything about the city, thus helping you plan for the rest of your trip.

I did the walking tour with Laura (bonus: she's an architect-turned-city-guide) and had an absolutely fantastic time! The tour ends at Christiania, a commune of artists and hippies, which you must read about and visit if it interests you.

Beer and Hygge at Mikeller

The Mikkeller Brewery © Nishita Mohta

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do", and when in the "Beer Nation", a visit to a local brewery is worth spending time and money on! Hygge is best experienced in a cosy brewery such as this one in Refshaleoen (you will find this marked on my map) accompanied by the house brews, friends and a lot of laughter.

Ask the staff for recommendations and tastings before you go for a whole glass.

The Danish Museum of Design

At the Design Museum, Fashion Design occupies the same space as Bicycles and Streetlights as they all "belong to, and add value to, the public space".

I could be HIGHLY biased in mentioning this. But to be fair, Denmark is home to some of the best designs in the world across the realms of product design, graphics and what not. I spent a whole day there and would have definitely spent more time had the museum not shut down at 6pm. If good design is one of your interests, you must keep aside time for this place! The exhibitions span across not just various fields of design, but different eras of time as well. The cafe looked very tempting but it shuts down at the same time at the rest of the museum and I didn't get a chance to grab something there.

Bonus: Map!

Click on the map to access my Copenhagen wish-list.

Google Maps is one of my best friends while exploring new cities. Here, you can access my entire Copenhagen wish-list with 34 locations and a short no-frills note against each of them. Use it when in Copenhagen, or virtually discover this city through the recommendations. Have fun!

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