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Inside Kri's Kitchen | Cooking in Stockholm

I hovered around Kri as she worked away in the kitchen of their cozy apartment kitchen on one of the upper-most floors of their building. Surrounded by fascinating kitchenware, the fresh ingredients of salmon, spinach, potatoes and home-grown zucchini were the stars of the show, supported by some rose-pepper, garlic and roasted peanuts.

The lady at work =)

Fresh salmon being seasoned with rosemary, before it goes into the oven

A bare minimum number of ingredients bring out the flavours of the meal

Unassuming ingredients sit pretty in the cookware inside this picture-perfect kitchen

Beauty everywhere in this kitchen - from the food packing to the chopping board

Spinach and peanuts, ready to mingle

The home-grown zucchini comes in next.

And bon appetit!

Strawberries and cream to top it all off :)

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